Career Counseling


Career Counseling and Employment Guidance

In this area of service practical assistance and help are extended by our consultancy, enabling you to start with your endeavors in new careers or make advancement in the existing careers. Some out of box techniques, strategies and striking solutions of immediate problems are shared with. This would surely enable you to self- monitor your career activities and projects successfully. You would also be imparted and provided with relevant special knowledge, information and skills by virtue of which you would surely become powerful enough, mentally and financially, to successfully explore your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Also you would be able to work in a dignified manner finding your efforts result- oriented. Following are some features of our services in this field.

A) Defining your core values.

B) Developing a therapeutic relationship with the client.

C) Defining clear-cut goals of life and in the careers.

D) Creating room for self - exploration.

E) Understanding the job market.

F) Observance of flexibility in behavior.

G) Helping turn life themes into career goals practically.

H) Always reaming accustomed with latest media updates and current situation on various subjects generally and on specific subjects specifically.

The Consultancy would provide with the help of discussions, trainings and relevant written material encompassing elevated and enlightened knowledge the guidance in the following areas.
a)Particular skills and talents.
b)The educational commitment required for various careers.
c)The practically emerging of various Careers.
d)The daily marketing requirement.
e)The opportunities available for change or advancement of a career.
f)Character Building and Personality Development to be taken as primary requirements.

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